fp news generic2020 Willow 4BBB Results

A field of 194 players contested the Tenterfield Willows 4BBB Tournament over the weekend of February 22-23, 2020.
The Tenterfield Golf Club Match & Handicap Committee would like to thank all those who assisted in ensuring an enjoyable and successful outcome for this annual event.

36 Hole results - Men
Winner: Ditch Bartlett (Logan) & Phil Buchhorn (Parkwood) 42,46=88 c/b.
R/up: Gary Sutcliffe (Tenterfield) & John Edmonds (Tenterfield) 44,44=88.
3rd: Terry Butler (Tenterfield) & Rob Lee (Tenterfield) 38,47=85.
4th: Jason Austin (Tenterfield) & Mitch Austin (Tenterfield) 41,43=84.
5th: Greg Turner (Tenterfield) & Michael Townes (Tenterfield) 41,41=82 c/b.
6th: Robin Jasch (Millmerran) & Russell Armstrong (Millmerran) 42,40=82.
36 Hole results - Ladies
Winner: Jenny Englebright (City) & Cheryl Nugent (City) 42,44=86.
R/up: Emma Gianoli (Tenterfield) & Sharon Maunder (Tenterfield) 42,42=84.
3rd: Jenny Meagher (Tenterfield) & Letitia Jones (Tenterfield) 42,40=82.
4th: Poly West (City) & Christine Tannock (Borneo Barracks) 39,42=81.
5th: Meghan Hogan (Kyogle) & Jenny Scarrabelotti (Kyogle) 38,39=77.
6th: Jenny Stratford (Tenterfield) & Sue Rhodes (Tenterfield) 37,39=76.

Friday Feb 21 - Medley Stableford
Winner: Narelle Besseling (Ballina) 41 pts.
R/up: Judy Swan (Ballina) 39 Pts.
Third: Steve Sauverain (Millmerran) 38 Pts. c/b
NTP 6th: Judy Swan (Ballina) 88cm. 9th: Shaun Kluck (Gailes) 139 cm. 13th: Matt Sharpe (Ipswich) 151cm. 18th: Narelle Besseling (Ballina) 346cm.

Saturday Feb 22 - Men
Winner: Michael Cutmore Snr (Tenterfield) & Michael Cutmore Jnr (Tenterfield) 44 Pts.
R/up: Glen Caisley (Tenterfield) & John Harradine (Tenterfield) 43 Pts.
Third: Matt Hobbs (Armidale) & Mark Bratti (Casino) 42 Pts.
Fourth: Shaun Kluck (Gailes) & Ron Molyneux (Gailes) 41 Pts.
NTP 6th: John Harradine (Tenterfield) 186cm. 9th: Michael Cutmore Snr (Tenterfield) 68cm. 13th: Steve Sauverain (Millmerran) 214cm. 18th: David Gianini (Tenterfield) 317cm.

Sunday Feb 23 - Men
Winner: Mark Bellert (Cecil Plains) & Steve Erbs (Millmerran) 44 Pts.
R/up: Brad Mayes (W/Evans Head) & Anthony Clark (Lismore) 43 Pts c/b
Third: Wayne McInnes (Casino) & Anthony Rae (Casino) 43 Pts. c/b
Fourth: David Zannes (Logan ) & Ron Bernardin (Wynnum) 43 Pts.
NTP 6th: Steve Sauverain (Millmerran) 700cm. 9th: Shaun Kluck (Gailes) 154cm. 13th: Bill Eastgate (Tenterfield) 390cm. 18th: Ken Mills (Kyogle) 45cm.

Saturday Feb 22 - Ladies
Winner: Pauline Ryan (Ballina) & Marie Edwards (Ballina) 41 Pts. c/b
R/up: Karen Manser (Tenterfield ) & Dawn McMeniman (Tenterfield) 41 Pts.
Third: Kerri Wheeler (Pittsworth) & Cate Wilmot (Pittsworth) 39 Pts.
Fourth: Tracey Crank (Millmerran) & Sharon Gall (Millmerran) 38 Pts.
NTP (Second Shot) 6th: Jacki Bratti (Casino) 5cm. 9th: Christine Tannock (Borneo Barracks) in hole. 13th: Pauline Ryan (Ballina) in hole. 18th: Chanelle Osborne (Ballina) in hole.

Sunday Feb 23 - Ladies
Winner: Maddy Deveson (Ballina) & Heather Chesham (Ballina) 42 Pts.
R/up: Sharon Carberry (Ballina) & Adi Carberry (Ballina) 41 Pts.
Third: Judy Swan (Ballina) & Narelle Besseling (Ballina) 39 Pts. c/b
Fourth: Leigh Geddes (City) & Donna Pett (City) 39 Pts.
NTP (Second Shot) 6th: Amy Hobbs (Armidale) 32cm. 9th: Jenny Meagher (Tenterfield) in hole. 13th: Letitia Jones (Tenterfield) 8cm. 18th: Sharen Manwarring (W/Evans Head) in hole.