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Stableford Open Friday November 15 Medley

  • Winner: John Anderson (Sandy Gallop GC) 46 pts
  • R/up: Jon Birt (Gailes GC) 40 pts. c/b
  • 3rd: Neville Armstrong (Sandy Gallop GC) 40 pts. c/b
  • NTP 6th: Matt Sharpe 314cm (Ipswich GC) 9th: Luke Prosser 226cm (Southport GC) 13th: Steve Bull 131cm (Lismore GC) 18th: Peter Warren 78cm (Lismore GC)

Stableford Open Saturday November 16


  • Winner: Darryl Banfield (Nudgee GC) 41 pts. c/b
  • R/up: Gary Sutcliffe (Tenterfield GC) 41 pts. c/b
  • 3rd: Greg Sauer (Tenterfield GC) 41 pts.
  • 4th: Mick Wynn (GenY) 39 pts.
  • NTP 6th: Mark Peel 61cm (Ipswich GC) 9th: Shane Lewis 82cm (Beaudesert GC) 13th: Greg Sauer 128cm (Tenterfield GC) 18th: Mark O’Neil 50cm (Tenterfield GC)


  • Winner: Karen Manser (Tenterfield GC) 34 pts. c/b
  • R/up: Narelle Besseling (Ballina GC) 34 pts
  • 3rd: Bev Wharton (Sandy Gallop) 33 pts.
  • 4th: Tracey Simpson (Casino GC) 32 pts.
  • NTP 2nd Shot: 6th: Michelle Cockburn 84cm (Tenterfield GC) 9th: Kerrie Andrew 63cm (Tenterfield GC) 13th: Val Davidson 2cm (Tenterfield GC) 18th: Jenny Meagher 25cm (Tenterfield GC)

Stableford Open Sunday November 17


  • Winner: Ken Hines (Tenterfield GC) 38 pts. c/b
  • R/up: Gordon Fletcher (Tenterfield GC) 38 pts. c/b
  • 3rd: Saxxon Ford (Tenterfield GC) 38 pts.
  • 4th: Steve Dowsett (Redcliffe GC) 37 pts. c/b
  • NTP 6th: Neville Halls 133cm (Ipswich GC) 9th: Patrick Williams 152cm (Merriwa GC) 13th: Zane Stephan 84cm (Windaroo Lakes GC) 18th: Bob McClelland 164cm (Lismore GC)


  • Winner: Emma Gianoli (Tenterfield GC) 37 pts.
  • R/up: Anita Mugridge (Beaudesert GC) 35 pts. c/b
  • 3rd: Shirley Luhrman (Sandy Gallop GC) 35 pts.
  • 4th: Joanne Antcliff (Beaudesert GC) 34 pts.
  • NTP 6th: Deborah Dansey 22cm (Beaudesert GC) 9th: Letitia Jones 112cm (Tenterfield GC) 13th: Deborah Dansey 5cm (Beaudesert GC) 18th: Frances Nobel 85cm (Nudgee GC)

Stableford Open 2019 2 day aggregate results;


  • Winner: John Anderson (Sandy Gallop GC) 45,40=85.
  • R/up: Ray Flux (Sandy Gallop GC) 39,37=76.
  • 3rd: John Whitty (Ballina GC) 32,41=73 c/b.
  • 4th: Jackson Fitzgerald (Tenterfield GC) 36,37=73.
  • 5th: Peter Sauer (Sandy Gallop GC) 35,37=72 c/b.
  • 6th: Peter Hourn (Kingaroy GC) 38,34=72 c/b.
  • 7th: Michael Cutmore Jnr (Tenterfield GC) 38,34=72.
  • 8th: David Gianini (Tenterfield GC) 36,35=71.


  • Winner: Debbie Zahnow (Ipswich GC) 36,37=73.
  • R/up: Jenny Meagher (Tenterfield GC) 37,34=71.
  • 3rd: Frances Nobel (Nudgee GC) 34,33=67 c/b.
  • 4th: Deborah Dansey (Beaudesert GC) 38,29=67.
  • 5th: Elizabeth Kelly (Ipswich GC) 31,33=64.

Stroke Open

This event is the club’s flagship tournament of the year played each November with the best Men’s two day aggregate gross score becoming the Tenterfield Golf Club Open Champion.
This event is played in grades for Men and divisions for Ladies.
Grade and division winners are based on the best two day aggregate gross scores.
Daily prizes apply for best net score results for Men and Ladies.
Nearest the pin prizes also apply for Men and Ladies on each day.
This event usually has a field of around 200 players.

The Tournament Director for both events is Michael Manser who can be contacted on 0408 731 832 if you require information on available tee times for your preferred event.
An 18 hole warm-up competition is held on the Friday before each event so you can iron out the cobwebs before the main show. The Friday events are run on a turn up and tee off basis, or call the club on 02 6736 1480 for more details.




Draws updated on 13/11/19