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Here are the Weekly Results from all of the golf events.

Results for October 9th to 13th

This Weeks Results

Wednesday October 9: Ladies Monthly Medal & Putting (Club Trophy)
Winner Div.1: Jenny Meagher 70.
Winner Div.2: Pat Turner 80.
Overall R/up: Dawn McMeniman 71.
1st Nine: Roni Foster 35.
2nd Nine: Di Benson 33.5.
NTP Div.1: Sue Rhodes 39 cm.
NTP Div.2: Pat Turner 142 cm.
Putting: Jenny Meagher 29.
Raffle winner: Jenny Meagher.

Saturday October 12: Ladies Stroke (Club Trophy)
Winner: Di Benson 75.
R/up: Jenny Meagher 77.
NTP: Letitia Jones.

Saturday October 12: Men’s 4BBB Stableford (David Gianini & Richard Ainsworth Trophy)
Winner: Gale & Sutcliffe 45.
R/up: Gianini & Ainsworth 47.
Captains Stakes to: Daly & Turner 42.
NTP - 6th: Jason Austin 334 cm. 9th: David Gianini 454 cm. 13th: Peter Zannes 542 cm. 18th: Neil Gale 226 cm.

Sunday October 13: VW Scramble
Winner: K. Swift, R. Taylor, M. Austin & C. Marshall 55 1/4.
R/up: B. Adams, K. Adams, D. Foster & R. Foster 56 3/8.
Third: R. Ainsworth, C. Ainsworth, D. Gianini & P. Zannes 56 7/8 c/b.
NTP Ladies - 6th: --- 9th: Sue Rhodes 750 cm. 13th: Roni Foster 300 cm. 18th ----
NTP Men - 6th: Glenn Caisley 330 cm. 9th: Richard Ainsworth 1108 cm. 13th: Nick Degit 535 cm. 18th: Michael Cutmore Jnr 153 cm.

Coming up:
Ladies: Wednesday October 16, Stableford (Sherelle Fashions Trophy)
Saturday October 19, Medley Stableford (Club Trophy)
Sunday October 20, Medley Stableford (Club Trophy)