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Here are the Weekly Results from all of the golf events.

Results for January 12th - 13th

This Weeks Results

Saturday January 12, Ladies Stableford (Club Trophy)
Winner: Val Davidson 40 pts.
R/up: Sue Rhodes 38 pts. c/b.
First Nine: Jenny Meagher 22 pts.
Second Nine: June Augustson 19 pts. c/b.
NTP 14th: Dawn McMeniman.

Saturday January 12, Men’s Stableford (Tenterfield Chainsaws & Mowers Trophy)
Winner: Richard Ainsworth 45 pts.
R/up: Michael Townes 43 pts.
Captains Stakes to: Ron Johnson 42 pts., Peter Butler 41 pts., Steve Messiter 40 pts., Don Iedema 40 pts., Ben Austin 40 pts., Paul Beveridge (Southport GC) 39 pts., Barry Daly 39 pts., Kyal Wilson 39 pts., David Dunnett 39 pts., John Edmonds 38 pts.
NTP - 6th: John Harradine 313 cm. 9th: David Dunnett 295 cm. 13th: Peter Butler 491 cm. 18th: David Gianini 145 cm.

Sunday January 13, Medley Stableford (Club Trophy)
Winner: Michael Townes 43 pts.
R/up: Mitch Clark 42 pts. c/b.
Captains Stakes to: Scott Rossington 42 pts., Scott Bates 41 pts., Ben Austin 38 pts., John Edmonds 38 pts.
NTP - 9th: ----- 18th: Allan Jones 427 cm.

Coming up
Ladies: Wednesday January 16, Stableford (Club Trophy)
Friday January 18, 9 Hole Medley Stableford (Club Trophy)
Ladies: Saturday January 19, Stableford (Club Trophy)
Men: Saturday January 19, Stableford (Garry Oberman & Rod Hair Trophy)
Sunday January 20, Medley Stableford.