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Here are the Weekly Results from all of the golf events.

Results for May 11th - May 12th

This Weeks Results

Saturday May 11, Men’s 4BBB V Par (Club Trophy)
Winner: Iedema & Harrison +8.
R/up: Jones & Cutmore +6 c/b.
Captains Stakes to: Augustson & Richards +6, Godfrey & Eastgate +6, Lanz & Zannes +5.
NTP - 6th: Don Iedema 130 cm. 9th: Phil Mannion 401 cm. 13th: Richard Ainsworth 560 cm. 18th: Gary Sutcliffe 570 cm.

Sunday May 12, Medley Stableford (Club Trophy)
Winner: Peter McAlister 43 pts.
R/up: Glenn Caisley 39 pts. Captains Stakes to: Saxxon Ford 37 pts., David Foster 37 pts., Emma Gianoli 36 pts., Kathy Adams 35 pts. Robyn Eastgate 34 pts.
NTP - 9th: Glenn Caisley 160 cm. 18th -----

Coming up:
Saturday May 18, Men: Stroke (Mitch Clark Trophy)
Saturday May 18, Ladies: Stroke (Mabel McKenzie Trophy)
Sunday May 19, Medley Stableford (Club Trophy)