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Here are the Weekly Results from all of the golf events.

Results for August 4-5

This Weeks Results

TGC results for the weekend August 4-5:

Saturday August 4, Monthly Medal (Fairways Restaurant Trophy):
Winner: John Edmonds 66 c/b.
R/up: Michael Cutmore Jnr 66.
Captains Stakes to Michael Lutvey (City GC) 69, Gordon Fletcher 69, Frank Moore 69, John Milton 70, Stephen Dobson 70, Brian Curry 70, Michael Cutmore Snr 70, Denis Parsons 71, Greg Turner 71.
Pin Shots - 6th: Michael Cutmore Jnr 695 cm. 9th: Michael Cutmore Snr 276 cm. 13th: Stephen Dobson 168 cm. 18th: Rod Hair 428 cm.
Putting: Barry Daly 24.

Sunday August 4, Medley Stableford (Club Trophy):
Winner: Peter Townes 40 pts.
R/up: Peter O'Brien 38 pts. c/b.
Captains Stakes to Graham Smith 38 pts., John Edmonds 37 pts., Xavier Kelly (Brisbane GC) 36 pts., Audrey McAlister 36 pts., Jason Austin 35 pts., Jenny Meagher 34 pts., Roni Foster 34 pts., James Shaw 34 pts.
Pin Shots - 9th: Peter O'Brien 274 cm. 18th: James Shaw 500 cm.

Coming Up:
Saturday August 11, Men: 4BBB Stableford (Matador Meats Trophy). Ladies: Stroke (Di Benson Trophy).
Sunday August 12, Medley Stableford (Club Trophy).