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Here are the Weekly Results from all of the golf events.

Results for the weekend January 13-14

This Weeks Results

Golf results for the weekend January 13-14,

Friday January 12, 9 Hole Medley Stableford (Club Trophy):

Winner: Terry Butler 23 pts.
R/up: Bernadette McIntyre 20 pts. c/b.
Captains Stakes to Thomas Clifford (Tully Park GC) 20 pts., Ken Hines 17 pts.
Pin Shot - 18th: John Edmonds 310 cm.

Saturday January 13, Stableford (Tenterfield Chainsaws & Mowers Trophy):

Winner: Barry Daly 41 pts.
R/up: Graham Rossington 39 pts.
Captains Stakes to Rod Stanford 38 pts., James Jerome 37 pts., Nathan Dearden 37 pts., David Gianini 35 pts., John Augustson 35 pts., Garry Oberman 34 pts., Mark Richards 34 pts.
Pin Shots - 6th: John Augustson. 9th: David Gianini 209 cm. 13th: Barry Daly 444 cm. 18th: Peter Mustoo 380 cm.

Sunday January 14, Medley Stableford (Club Trophy):

Winner: Phil Mannion 41 pts. c/b.
R/up: Ben Austin 41 pts.
Captains Stakes to Ken Hines 40 pts., Peter Townes 38 pts., Richard Ainsworth 38 pts., Jackson Fitzgerald 37 pts., Kath Devereux 36 pts., Stephen Dobson 35 pts.
Pin Shots - 9th: Ben Austin 413 cm. 18th: Ken Hines 66 cm.

Coming up:

Friday January 19, 9 Hole Medley Stableford (Club Trophy).
Saturday January 20, Men: Stableford, (Garry Oberman & Rod Hair Trophy). Ladies: Stableford (Club Trophy).
Sunday January 21, Medley Stableford (Club Trophy).